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    Golf Lessons

Pipestone Golf Course is proud to have on hand PGA Professional Staff to run our golf instruction program. He offers golf lessons, ladies lessons and a golf camp for junior golfers.

Questions About Golf Lessons at Pipestone?

Not every golfer understands all the great reasons for taking lessons. In fact, most of the members we talk to have a lot of questions about our golf instructional program. Here are some answers...

Why Take Golf Lessons?

Was there ever a golfer who didn’t want to improve their game? If you just can’t seem to motivate yourself to practice at home or get yourself to our state-of-the-art practice facility, you might want to book yourself a few golf lessons. Members who’ve signed up find that it’s truly motivating to have a PGA professional watching their every move. They even start practicing more at our huge practice facility!

Will I Improve my Game?

How much better can you become with just a few lessons? Plenty, say most golf pros. For example, most players have a golf swing that’s full of imperfections. Even Tiger Woods had some flaws in his swing when he was on the amateur circuit!

A seasoned Professional Staff can assess your swing and break it down, piece by piece. Then, he’ll work with you to build it back up again — this time from a much better and stronger foundation.

Working toward the perfect swing isn’t the only goal you can have when you sign up for golf lessons. How’s your putting technique these days? In just one lesson, you can take it back to basics and focus on the simple skills that make up great putting. Or would you simply like to make solid contact with the ball more consistently during play? That’s something you can work on too. However you decide you want to improve your game, our PGA professional instructor Scott Effinger is here to help.

It’s About the Quality of the Time You Put In

The great thing about taking golf lessons at Pipestone is that you get to work on your game at your own pace. Spending just a few hours with a professional instructor can sometimes do more for your game than years of unguided play out on the links. We invite you to see for yourself — sign up for half an hour or a four-lesson series. It’s your choice and it’s your game!

Lessons available from PGA Professional Jim Rue

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Improved tee top and practice facility


  • $55 per half hour lesson
  • $90 per hour lesson
  • $150 three (3) half hour lesson package
  • $270 six (6) half hour lesson package
  • $400 ten (10) half hour lesson package

Juniors 18 years and under:

  • $45 per half hour lesson
  • $80 per hour lesson
  • $235 six (6) half hour lesson package

Playing lesson nine holes: $150

Proshop: (937) 866-4653