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4 Tips That Will Immediately Improve Your Approach Shots

As you know, golf consists of four categories: driving, approaches, short-game shots, and putting. Which one do you think affects your score the most?

Chances are you said driving or putting. But that would be wrong.

It's actually approach shots.

Approaches account for 40% of the scoring advantage among pros on the PGA Tour.

So how do you improve your approach shot and tee shot? In this guide, we have four tips that will have you doing exactly that.

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How Watching the Pros Golf Can Improve Your Own Game

8.5 million golf fans tuned into CBS to watch the final round of the 2018 PGA championship in St. Louis. It's likely most of them turned on the TV to see if Tiger Woods could complete his return to form by winning another major championship.

Woods finished second, which no doubt disappointed the fans who propelled the annual PGA championship to its best ratings in nearly a decade. At least the smaller but still enthusiastic contingent of Brooks Koepka fans were happy.

But fans were doing more than just watching. You can absorb some useful information just by sitting on your couch and watching as the pros drive and putt their way through 18 holes.

Sure, actually grabbing your clubs and going out on the course offers way more physical benefits, but watching golf can help you improve your game.

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