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Best Sun Protection Clothing for the Golf Course

Did you know that in the U.S., doctors diagnose up to 9,500 people with skin cancer every single day? Or that 3 million Americans develop non-melanoma skin cancer every year?

That should be enough reason for you to put sunscreen on, even while indoors. It’s even more important if you’re one of the 24 million folks in the U.S. who play a total of 465 million rounds of golf each year.

Applying sunscreen isn't enough to protect you from hours in the sun during a game though. You need to wear the best sun protection clothing. These golf clothes not only protect you from the sun's dangerous UV rays but can also help you up your game.

Ready to find out what the best golf clothes for sun protection are and how they can boost your winning chances? Then let's dive right into it!

1. Wide Brim Hats

Baseball caps, trucker caps, and snapbacks are no doubt good choices in terms of style. As cool-looking as they are though, they may not offer enough sun protection. You can still wear them, so long as the UV Index Scale for the day is low (0 to 2).

For much sunnier, brighter days, opt for bucket hats or wide-brimmed ones. These pieces of headgear provide the most sun coverage, protecting your ears and neck too. Be sure to choose a head cover with a rating of at least UPF 50 as well.

And just in case you're worried about hats and hair loss, don't. Wearing hats won't stress your crown's follicles unless they're super tight or dirty.

2. UV-Rated Golfing Sunglasses

Sure, regular sunglasses can protect you from 90% to 95% of UVB (the sun's rays that cause most skin cancers). Cosmetic and general-purpose sunnies, however, can only block up to 60% of UVA rays. UVA rays also have a role in skin cancer development and can penetrate the skin deeper.

Whereas golfing sunglasses are special-purpose, made specifically for the super bright environments. That includes the blazing brightness you’ll encounter even in the best golf courses. These "high-tech" glasses can protect you from up to 99% of UVB and 95% of UVA.

3. Golf Shirts with (At Least) UPF 50

UPF stands for "ultraviolet protection factor". In sports apparel, this is a measurement of how effective a fabric is against UV radiation. Like UV-rated sunglasses, UV protection fabric protects the skin from the sun's UV rays.

That said, choose sun protection golf clothing that comes with a rating of at least UPF 50. Golf shirts tagged with this only let 1/50th of the sun's UV rays to get to the skin.

4. A Jacket or Pullover with UPF Coverage (For Cooler, Windier Days)

Contrary to popular belief, cloudy days and UV rays do actually mix. In fact, up to 80% of the sun's UV radiation can still pass through lighter, thinner clouds.

That's why it's best to bring a jacket or a pullover as an added sun protection clothing to your golfing outfit. Plus, if it gets a little too windy out on the course, these long-sleeved garments can help you avoid the chills.

5. Long-Sleeves with Cooling Fabric Technology

Cooling fabric technology, as the term suggests, is a technology that helps cool the body down. It does so by wicking sweat away from the user's body while also providing ventilation. This added air flow lowers the risk of heat getting trapped between the fabric and the body.

Activewear brands incorporate this technology into almost all their products. Yes, including long-sleeved garb that you can wear during all your golfing sessions. Perhaps it's better to say "especially in", as regular long sleeves cover more but can also be too warm.

With a long-sleeved top that features cooling technology, you get to cover more of your skin. Remember, the more coverage you have, the better protected you are from the sun.

6. Moisture-Wicking Golf Shorts

If you’re more into golf shorts than pants, be sure to choose bottoms that can also wick away moisture. Your golf shorts should also be "loose" enough so that you won't strain your hips and thighs as you prepare to swing. Don’t forget to put on golfers’ skin sunscreen on the rest of your lower body that your shorts won’t cover!

7. Light Long Trousers (For Those with More Sensitive Skin)

In one U.S. study, almost half of the participants said they have "sensitive" or "very sensitive" skin. If you're one of these folks, then it's best (and safest) to don light golf trousers rather than shorts. Be sure to choose golf slacks with cooling technology and hypoallergenic features though.

8. Arm Sleeves

If you don’t want to wear long-sleeves out on the course, add arm sleeves to your golfing attire. With these, you can keep the sun from baking the skin on your arms. They also feature cooling technology to prevent you from feeling too hot.

9. Sun Protective Golf Gloves

Improving your grip can help you win as many of those golf rounds as you can. This is especially true if you have sweaty hands, which can cause a club to turn in your hands. Moreover, golf gloves also boost friction between your grip and the hand that wears the glove.

To top it off, modern golf gloves now come with better UPF protection! As with the rest of your attire, stick to gloves that have a rating of at least UPF 50.

10. Sweat-Wicking Socks

UPF protection and cooling fabric technology extends to, you got it, golfing socks! Also, there are some activewear brands that manufacture socks offering arch support. Some also have better compression and odor control features.

Wear the Best Sun Protection Clothing that Won't Cramp Your Style

There you have it, the list of the best sun protection clothing you should wear during your golf games. Don't take the sun lightly, because even with sunscreen on, you're still at risk of heatstroke. So, go ahead and win those rounds in style by wearing these protective pieces of stylish golf clothes!