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Golf Course Wedding Budget Breakdown

Did you know that there were over 2 million weddings in 2017? It's no wonder that with so many weddings happening annually people like to look for unique venues to say "I Do." Getting married at a golf course is a dream come true for many couples. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of your money with this wedding budget breakdown.

Wedding Budget Breakdown: Make the Most of Your Golf Course Wedding

Once you get engaged the next thing is wedding planning. Wedding planning can sound big, scary, and expensive. But it doesn't have to be any of those. You can tackle the expensive thought and price tag with a wedding budget breakdown. Feeling more prepared as you plan your wedding will make things go smoother and save you some stress. The average wedding in 2017 was $25,764 and while an unlimited budget sounds great this isn't the case for every couple. There are decisions you have to make such as flowers, food, venue, dresses, tuxedos, etc that can make wedding planning exhausting thinking about it.

What's your Budget

Before you start you'll want to sit down and figure out two things.

  1. Who will pay for the wedding?
  2. What is the budget?

Once you have both questions answered and established you can know while you're out looking at venues, music, and flowers which ones you can say yes to. The last thing you want to do is go over the budget especially if you're paying for it. If you and the groom are paying for the wedding you don't want to start your married life with wedding debt because you couldn't say no to what was over the budget.


Be flexible when it comes to the day you're going to get married and celebrate. Saturday is the most expensive day of the week to get married because it's the busiest one for venues. Most couples want to get married on a Saturday because they usually have the weekend off and so do their guests. If you're flexible with your day and choose any day between Monday-Thursday your costs will be slashed down compared to a weekend wedding. Instead of having wedding madness on the weekend you'll have emptier roads and venues. You will be able to enjoy the weekend away on your honeymoon or you can have events planned over the weekend with guests. If you and some guests are staying at the wedding venue for a few days after your wedding you can set up activities for everyone to enjoy time together. You can plan for a night out, show off your favorite spots or set up a tee time during the day.

Off-Season Wedding

If you're getting married on the weekend because you have no choice ask the venue you're considering what their offseason is. Normally getting married over the winter season November-April will make the venue more affordable even if you have to choose a weekend day. Ask what the savings are and compare them to figure out if it's worth it for you. Some venues might offer a percentage off their packages or give you free extras they normally charge as add ons.


You will want to ask the venue you chose if they include flowers or if they recommend a local florist that is reputable. Normally the venue has a list of everyone local that previous brides have used. Flowers sound simple but these can add up also. Make a list of who will be holding flowers, who will wear a corsage, and if you need flower arrangements for the venue as well Once you have your list written out it will make it easier to pick the bride's bouquet and what everyone else will have.


Some venues offer catering for your wedding giving you one less thing to think about. They sometimes charge person attending and this might vary on the type of food you offer. Depending on your budget you can choose a buffet or a sit-down lunch or dinner.


The centerpiece and staple of most weddings is the cake. It's a whole event for some couples the cutting of the cake. This is something else that you can see if it's available to add to your venue package where you pay per wedding guest. If your venue doesn't have a baker on site ask for a local recommendation that can drop it off. You're more than likely not want to drive around to pick up your wedding cake and drop it off the morning of your wedding. Plus risk ruining it.

Wedding Attire

One of the main things besides the venue, flowers, and the cake is what will the bride and groom wear. You want to pick a budget for your dress as well and make sure to tell the salesperson when you're dress shopping. If you're not clear with the salesperson you can easily fall in love with a dress that's thousands above your budget. What will the groom wear? If he's wearing a traditional tuxedo you'll want to shop around and find a place that offers packages for the groom and his groomsmen if he's planning on having some. Normally the groom rents his tuxedo because it's more convenient.

Guest List

Once you have a venue picked out and you know how much they charge per person it will make this part easier. You can sit down and calculate how many guests you can invite and stay within your budget. You'll also want to decide at this point if you want kids at your wedding or not.

Have Fun

You're getting married have fun with the whole process and enjoy the moment. Creating a budget and staying within it doesn't have to be a drag and make you feel overwhelmed. Your wedding budget breakdown should make you feel more in control and make the decision process easier. Contact us to learn more about getting married in a beautiful picture perfect golf course wedding venue.